24 thoughts on “SportsStationTv – AC Milan vs Arsenal 4-0 | 15/02/2012 | Boateng Robinho Ibrahimovic Goals

  1. We we havent purchased any decent players since Fab and Nasri left. You beat us during our most difficult period…we shall meet again soon. On a good day, neutral ground Arsenal will always beat AC and Inter combined!!

  2. watch all the milan goals on my channel and mata missed a penalty watch em on my channel

  3. /watch?v=52C0bUoxJBY&feature=channel_video_title

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  4. yes i know that. i’m an arsenal fan myself and know that were going down the drain. our performance against sunderland today was a disgrace to the whole game.

  5. wft this year its only man city and man utd thats it arsneal,liverpool, chelsea are averages theses days everyone knowns that

  6. the EPL is the best. serie A is a 2 team battle mate. same as La Liga, you have barca, real madrid, and then a bunch of other teams who never make the champions league. epl has arsenal, man city, chelsea, liverpool, spurs and man united etc.

  7. mata just missed a penalty against birmingham in the fa cup look at it on my channel

  8. Money whore! with your misleading titles Anto, c’mon seriously! get a grip Anto mate

  9. How he plays normally has nothing to do with this…Ibra DESTROYED their backline from the left and the center and wreaked havoc amongst defenders at almost every ball he touched !! Every sports medium in the world names him as man of the match, every viewer I know hails his talents,but YOU, mister genius tactician from nowhere has decided that Ibra was shit, so it must be true huh ?! Because you “watch them everytime” oooh right I’m so sorry ^^

  10. blind fuck can you see the words “highlights” in the title u dumb piece of shit

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