25 thoughts on “SportsStationTv – Arsenal vs Tottenham (Spurs) 5-2 26/02/2012 | TEAM SPIRIT!

  1. No wonder the Spanish teams always rape the English teams. Tottenham and Spurs have absolutely no talent with the exception of Persie.

  2. And? Probably jealous. Ba has scored nearly 60% of Newcastle’s goals this season.

  3. lol you stuck up little bellend, spurs are better than arsenal end of…. we weren’t but now we are…

  4. oh I’m so sorry… I become a “dickhead :)” because you lost… right. Did I offend you or anything… or was calling me a dickhead just an unprovoked insult because of your lack of intelligence and no originality so just insult your betters… Good luck in life mate, because you can’t go around calling strangers dickheads (Y)

  5. No your not YIDDDDDOOOOOO, 7 points clear well done you beat us, but we beat you at the lane.so 1-1 but 7 points clear shows we are the dominant force dickhead 🙂

  6. got to agree. walcot is shit most of the time but he is wayy fucking better than fucking lennon. walcott just needed a little motivation which he got 2nd half. he is lazy most of the time but when he wants to, just like this game, he can score. Sagna just came back from an injury so relax? he has an assist and scored a goal alrdy.. pretty good for a guy that came back only a few weks ago.3rd if you didn’t have bale, god help you. you’d be soooo shittt!!

  7. here’s the difference. adebayor is on loan and he will be gone in a few months, RVP isn’t going anywhere. clearly our team is better overall if only 1 of the 5 goals we scored was by rvp

  8. walcott is shit, Arsenal fans were booing him at half time and celebrating with him in the 2nd half sagna is good but he is not a game changer like van persie and rosicky hahahahaha 1 game he played good

  9. Watch the real highlights xD Please like so more ppl can see –

  10. rubbish ? Sir, this has been your best season in 50 years, and our worst in 50 years, and we won, actually, we TRASHED you.. how more shit can the scums be ?

  11. 1961 never again. fuck off.. ur best team in 50 years vs our worst team in 50 years? and we THRASHED you, it wasn’t 1-0 2-1. it was 5-2… great job 5pur2.. just shows how fucking shite u are. when were as shit this season we still thrashed you

  12. well i can fucking come up with hundreds of excuses as well when we lost at white shit lane.. sagna got injured. vermaelen wasn’t there.if verm was there and sagna woudln’t ahve gotten injured. we would have won or at least tied. EXCUSES

  13. 1 man team ? ha.. hmm okay.. shows how fucking shit tottenham is, gettin beat by a “1 man team” btw have u forgotten walcott, sagna rosicky? you’re a fucking shithead. plz i want to see ur reply.

  14. glory hunters. where were your fans in the1-6 loss? went home. where was ARsenal fans in 8-2 loss ? stood in the ground even after the game singing ” we love you arsenal ” you;re a fucking fake fan. please shut the fuck up

  15. check my video out for real highlights (NO LINK OR BULLSHIT) 🙂 just wanna spread the greatness of Arsenal —> watch?v=XK7lRaQaQ1c

  16. this youtube has become such a crap..you can’t find one normal video for all highlight and goal on game…they all put this crapy videos about them talking about game…this is bullshit I don’t care..give me some football!!

  17. neville is brilliant, hes blunt and honest in his opinions. He just said it how its been for arsenal, it has been a bad season, arsenal are unpredictable and inconsistent and that performance showed it. He also praised them im sure your biased ears chose to ignore that part

  18. hope you enjoy losing a lot more next season when adebayor goes back to city

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