24 thoughts on “SportsStationTv – Liverpool Vs Manchester City | 25/01/2012 | Carling Cup | W/Commentary!! FIFA 12

  1. @SportsStationTV ur a dikhead
    just to let u know sumting u already heard from people

  2. Liverpool deserve to win the cup if they beat man city shows that they are a top team as they lost to Bolton and bounced back!

  3. good game liverpool would give cardiff a better game city would walk over them

  4. you say that coz your a tit. I have a missus lol and lots of mates unlike a no mark like you commenting on this video all night. This is my video so I will comment but for you to keep coming back is a bit sad. *no life * see ya joker 😉

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  6. im hoping liverpool will win, please can u watch my videos and suscribe to my you tube channel

  7. he commented on this video???? You sound like a right hard cunt. Wouldn’t wana mess with you in RL life :S *Nob*

  8. arrogant piece of shit mate, why the fuck are you criticising his videos its fucking youtube nobody gives a fuck

  9. 4-2 CTID we get early goal and watch them crumble as they cant sit back anymore!!!

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