25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba – The Movie – CVPRO2011

  1. Watching this and remembering that he is leaving makes me really sad… To think I will never see him scoring for Blues again… Goodbye Drogba, you will be remembered!!!

  2. Please don’t go sir. You are a legend. I’m crying ever since I’ve heard of you leaving Chelsea. Love u sir. Just luv u……

  3. Didier Drogba! I am in tears from past three days…! The victory of champs league thn you leaving… Please dont go!!!! I cant accept the fact that martin taylor wont say “DROGBAAAAAAAAA” whenever you score …. I am shattered Sir Didier Drogba

  4. OMFG! DD11 I will never forget you! U’re still in my heart! always a blue, always CHELSEA! ! !

  5. THANK U FOR ALL THAT U GIVE TO US… we will never forget you <3 ... chelsea <3

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