25 thoughts on “The Christmas Football Match 2011

  1. Im guessing you`re a Arsenal fan, if so all i can say my good man is 2-1 27/2/11 :P KRO

  2. Great stuff, keep it up. Subscribe if you would. I think you’ll like my stuff too.

  3. Typical season fan, he’s probably supported Bar$a since May or so. ; )

  4. Hi C 🙂 just watcher your video… 😮 its amazing how long did this take you?? 🙂

  5. It is “Rumba de Barcelona” by Los Manolos from the album Las Mejores Rumbas de los Manolos

  6. I’m a Manchester United fan, and I’d like you to make a clip of them smashing Barcelona 7-1. For United to triumph in a Lego reinactment of an imaginary match would mean more to me than actually beating Barca in a real life CL Final ever could. You could perhaps show Messi literally inside the pocket of whichever United centre back happens to be match fit on the day.

  7. Gunnersaurus <3

    The video is brilliant!
    (only thing: Szczesny's number is 13 not 53 anymore 🙂 )

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