24 thoughts on “Arsenal 2012 [HD]

  1. Now when Arteta is injured everyone can see how important he has been this season!

  2. Love it. Fantastic compo. Next season, we have to challenge for the title. Keep RVP and get another attacking midfielder to replace departing Benayoun

  3. Yeah, I guess so. We were lucky today with Spurs drawing & Newcastle losing. Need to win against West Brom!

  4. well , we cant blame on the ref sure it was a pen but ,norwich should not score 3 goals at our soil :/ so we didnt deserve to go up!

  5. Just everything, he let them time waste & then when we were 3-2 & we were trying to time waste, he wasn’t having it. We should of had a penalty & they should of had at least one red card. He just didn’t know what he was doing. Did’t you see a different side to it?

  6. Yeah, your right. But in order to do well we need to keep our quality players & not getting Champions League really won’t help. I went to the Norwich game, so disappointing. Ref was shit!

  7. Hope next season we can do better. This season I think we are just getting used to not having Cesc, Nasri and Clichy around. I think next season we can really do very well.

  8. Yes, I know. My channel is an Arsenal Cinema; I upload the not just my own but the communities Arsenal videos as well. I have permission.

  9. Thanks for share the video. Is always a pleasure if it is Arsenal. Greetings from Chile.

  10. Thanks 🙂 The person who made it, there YouTube channel link is in the desc.

  11. Thanks, this isn’t mine but I will be uploading my own eventually. Head over to emirejc’s channel he’s the one who made it…Sub for both of us? 😉

  12. Thanks =) But I can’t be taking credit check the guy out who made it; emirejc. I will be uploading my own Arsenal video’s but also will be uploading the Arsenal YouTube communities as well.

  13. Awesome vid! I disagree with the other comment… this song is perfect for not only the vid but also our season. “It’s always darkest before the dawn”

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