25 thoughts on “The Greatness of Arsenal 1886-2012

  1. dude that was getvinho whom he could pass to and we all know he can miss anything

  2. best video ever i had tears in my eyes through out the video and also goose bums !!! wonderful

  3. unbelievable video, this is the best video i’ve ever seen.. thanks for this vid!

  4. 12:55 great angle of the rvp miss vs milan. never saw it before. if only he had passed his teammate, would’ve been 4-0

  5. cue the waterworks.. thank you arsenal for giving me the pleasure of watching such great football for so many years. yea we might not have all the money in the world and we may not have the best footballers out there but to me Arsenal is the best english team ever. i am perfectly happy with our so called lousy coach and not so great players. keep your opinions to yourself, world. North London is forever RED! #COYG literally the best afc video i have ever seen. thank you

  6. Magnificent. When I was a young kid I bought my first arsenal shirt. Great memories. Thanks for this vid!

  7. Arsenal For Ever ..
    ارسنال للأبد . .
    Arsenal Toujours . .
    アーセナルフォーエバー . .
    Immer Arsenal . .
    Arsenal para sempre . .
    ………….. <3

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