25 thoughts on “FIFA 12 – First Thierry Henry goal at Arsenal season 11/12 [HD]

  1. U could see that there is a second player as leeds helping the goal but it was still pretty amazingggg

  2. how?? , did u no he would score like that , im honestly amazed and startled , i normally make a joke on vids but this , i cant say anything about  (how??

  3. it may not be 100% spot on, but for a prediction, considering all the possibilities, this is retardedly close to the real thing

  4. I see Fifa still have the worse faces in football game history. That looks nothing like TH LOL.

  5. and? i said id didnt look like his goal tool so i dont know why people are amazed you dumb shit

  6. you have to change the roster yourself…EA sucks….. usually the squads will be updated after the transfer window closes…..at that time Henry has 1 month left only…..DAMN

  7. its an offline match you fucking retard. you go to customise fifa, then change squads/club transfers then transfer henry from ny red bulls to arsenal. its that fucking simple you ronaldo cock sucking “pro”

  8. NO I don’t you seem a troll, im pro at online but no idea how to get him. I bet this’s not ranked match

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