25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Coming home – Arsenal 2012 HD

  1. Not sad 😛 I mean either city or United will have a Bad season (dependin on who wins League) Chelsea wont win anything. Liverpool won the Carlign cup but lets be honest beating a half injured championship side on penalties aint something to be proud of. All in all a bad season, except for whoevers wins trhe FA cup

  2. the guys who disliked mabye thought it was the download button :)

  3. An absolute legend. His presence at the club during his recent loan spell will have no doubt had a lasting effect on the team. His winning mentality, character, strength, love for Arsenal, beliefe and prowess on the pitch will have inspired our team.

    Through thick and thin, we are Arsenal, and we will achieve greatness again.
    I raise my glass to Thierry Daniel Henry, the spearhead of our glory years 1998-2006.
    We will never forget you.

  4. Sort of sad for Arsenal fans that the highlight of the season was a moment of nostalgia

  5. Unforgettable. Living Legend. I remember when I was watching him. He was my king, my idol. My true passion to love football. Ever gol, ever match, ever action. Then he go to Barcelona and the cash was most important in football live where Chelsea(and other clubs) have many options in that way of thing. But… We takin about Thierry Henry. Yea.. sorry. JUST READ THIS.  HE WAS, HE IS AND HE WILL BE THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER ! TITE FOREVER <3

  6. There are great players, there are legendary players and then there is Thierry Henry <3

  7. Thierry Henry is a legend and will always be a hero. He is just a good sport and a good person to look up too.
    We all love you Henry and never will forget you
    -From Me and your Supporters

  8. Yea those peoples leaving the stadium hahaha they miss a beautiful goal of 2 best striker V persie and T henry

  9. Henry has scored 2 goals so far since he was back ! More to come hopefully !

  10. he coming home he coming home he scores 100 goles he comming home 😉

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