25 thoughts on “Who is Lukas Podolski?

  1. Germany also had a considerable number of Polish workers who immigrated to the industrial coal mine towns of the Ruhr area at the end of the 19th century, they + their families stayed here,became Germans + were certainly treated in a fairer way than the Irish by sadistic British chauvinists at that time. No one forced these Polish families to stay in Germany back then, they assimilated + were easily naturalized, 50 – 40 years BEFORE the nazis.
    The appeasement asshole Chamberlain promoted Hitler.

  2. The simple truth: He is no Pole + Polish names are not rare in German telephone books and have generally existed in Germany for several hundred years as much as Irish names exist in England. Poles + Germans liked to marry across the border when there were no nazis in Germany, silly dumbhead. I guess the English massacres in Ireland happened for a longer period of time than the German nazi dictatorship, that’s how some British twats are, they accuse others + never check own historical CRIMES.

  3. You can have the “Nazi” back, you redundant boring old fart. BLOCKED, silly asshole.

  4. Did smaller dosings of nuclear radiation confuse your brain ? Why not read a biography about Podolski – on Wikipedia or where the fuck else. Sorry, we Germans like to use four letter words all the time, though we have none, only the Brits have such “institutions”.

  5. He is not a Polish guy playing for Germany but a German with Polish roots. His Polish is worse than his English. Sorry Poldi 🙂

    VCRider 3 weeks ago

  6. That’s a good point with the Schalke one, I had footage somewhere of it so I got no excuses why it didn’t go in. My bad! But nevertheless, for those who look at the comments, check the goals out on YouTube that I’ve missed.

    Also check his Arsenal goals, they have begun… 😉 Go Poldi!

  7. You are missing his chip against South Africa and his indirect freekick against Schalke but besides that great video! 😉
    Podolski is my favourite player hope he is gna do good for Arsenal!

  8. HAHAHA every time on youtube the discussions about where he comes from. Yeah: And Nani is from Cape Verde, Evra is from Senegal, Malouda Guayana, Kompany Congo, David Luiz Portugal,Balotelli Ghana,Benzema Algeria,ah and Messi from Spain…stupid Nazis!

  9. who is lukas podolski? everyone knows lukas podolski..
    Lukas is one of the best players of the world..
    he haas scored as a midfielder in the last season 18 gates. that’s really incredibly good

  10. Just write ‘lukas podolski traumtor köln’ in youtube i think it was against saarbrücken :)

  11. He is not a Polish guy playing for Germany but a German with Polish roots. His Polish is worse than his English. Sorry Poldi 🙂

  12. Regardless of the clubs hes played for hes still without fail picked for Germany at every tournament.

  13. bist du lothar matthäus oder was ist mit deinem englisch kaputt?!
    du bist doch hoch wahrscheinlich ein verblödeter gladbacher oder ein kölner-ghetto-vorstadt -leverkusener

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