Arsene Wenger still remains confident on Club

Arsene Wenger still remains confident that the club will be able to end the Premier League drought this season.

Due to the lack of competition from the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea, this was seen as a great season to end the wait that has been going on since the 2003-04 campaign. Arsenal managed to keep themselves as the firm favourites until the start of 2016. The lack of new faces in January coupled with a tough run of matches has seen Arsenal go 11 points behind Leicester City with eight matches remaining. Many believe that the opportunity has been lost by the gunners.

A 2-0 win over Everton kept Arsenal’s points tally ticking on, but it was not good enough to close the gap at the top. Leicester managed a narrow 1-0 win over Crystal Palace to keep their amazing run going. Similarly, Tottenham also managed a win from their match on Sunday. Arsenal need to hope that these teams suffer a huge dip in form in order to win the title. Even then, manager Arsene Wenger remains confident of the same. The Frenchman was recently called upon by the supporters to leave the club. Those calls were subdued in the last two seasons due to back-to-back FA Cup successes.

“The character of my players was questioned. We know if we don’t win today we were out of it. I think it was a mental test for the side. I am not masochistic enough to consider us out. Mathematically we have a chance and a game in hand at home. We are not the flavour of the week but if we don’t believe, no one will do it for us.Even if the mind is sceptical, we have to give our best in every single game,” said Wenger.