Piers Morgan believes that it is time for Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal

Piers Morgan, who has always advocated for a change in manager at Arsenal, has stated that it is high time for Arsene Wenger to leave the club.

He believes that Arsenal will never win the Premier League title or the Champions League with Arsenal as the manager.

Piers Morgan believes that the club failed to replace Arsene Wenger with high profile managers when they were available. According to him, the club should have signed Jurgen Klopp before he made the move to Liverpool. Morgan thinks that Klopp has already turned Liverpool around and that he could have done the same for Arsenal. He also added that Pep Guardiola was interested in coming and managing Arsenal and again the club did not seize this opportunity.

For Piers Morgan, Arsenal is a team that lack passion and desire and also a will to win. Arsene Wenger has failed to inspire his team and on this ground alone he has to leave the club.

For Morgan, the main excuse for Arsenal has been that they do not have funds to compete with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea but for him, Leicester City and Tottenham have shown that you do not need money only.

For him, Wenger has failed to build a team that is capable of winning the title and that he has to step down for his failures. He has called for the club to make changes ahead of the new season so as to be able to compete.

He believes that Arsenal owner, Kroenke has no interest in Arsenal winning title, and he is just happy for the team to make it to the Champions League. Morgan has urged Arsene Wenger to step down and to let the club choose another manager for next season.