25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – Wolves Vs Swansea

  1. In a couple of years if Anto is still doing this his children are going to start wondering who the fuck he is talking to.

  2. Great series mate, KIU

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  3. how come my team never get any shots and target and always shoot from outside the box its fucking annoying!

  4. check out my channel im doing an ifrom kagawa and infrom raul give away just like and comment the winner will be chose on monday

  5. anto I am loving this series at first I didn’t kus I’m a FIFA guy but just wow. this gives me something to look forward to!

  6. YES!!!
    it gives u so much more control and it is a lot more realistic than fifa

  7. How about you stop skipping the opposition instruction if you want your players to be marking oponents tighter. Just a suggestion since you seem to skip that part every time

  8. Aahh the good days of reading a Twitter argument unfold *takes popcorn*

  9. why doesent the badges pack thing for fm 2012 work for me because ive made the folders and stuff but it wont work!

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