25 thoughts on “FATV Keepy Uppy – Henderson v Chamberlain

  1. Answer this: Who’s going pay Liverpool’s salaries, when they don’t earn money like the others. They fall behind on the market, can’t compete with the others.
    You were saying that Arsenal’s qualification was meaningless, I argued that it’s not by giving an example. I answered your question, that’s my point. Learn the basics of argumentation before logging in on youtube to brag about shit and then starting fights.
    I’m not 10, but I’m getting a strong feeling that I’m arguing with one.

  2. What’s your point? Yes, you get money. We all knew that. But what have you done with your money? Bought players fair enough, but what have you won? What trophies have Arsenal won with these players? Fact is, you haven’t won anything in 7 years. Yes you have a nice ground with a nice surface and nice seats, but who cares. Anfield has one of the best atmospheres in the world and is renowned for it. Emirates is renowned for sounding like a library.

    And lol, ”bitch”? Are you 10?

  3. Dude, the qualification to UCL is financially lucrative. For participating in the group-stage you get €3.9 millions, for every game you get a bonus: €550.000, every won game €800.000, every draw €400.000… = totally minimum €7,2m just for playing in the group-stage (this season, next season could be even higher), for every homegame you not only get money from ticket sales but also loads from TV-licences (not counted in the €7.2m).
    The numbers are taken from uefa.com.

  4. And yes, liverpool do suck right now. I can easily admit that, because I am not an idiot (like you). But in the end of the day, years down the line, teams are judged on TROPHIES. Arsenal can look at 2011/2012 and see 0 trophies. Liverpool can look and see 1 trophy. Well done, you finished 3rd. What did you win from that? Ok, so you’re in the champions league next season.

    Will you win the champions league next season? No. So what’s it for? Nothing. Arsenal = 0 european cups.

  5. In the earlier rounds Liverpool played players like Flanagan, Robinson, Coates and Spearing (even when Lucas was fit). Once again, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I didn’t come to this video to brag. I just came to watch it, and all I see is ”liverpool sux omg” from some dyslexic Arsenal fan just because Henderson beat Chamberlain in a fun, meaningless game. They then talk about Arsenal being superior. Liverpool’s honours > Arsenal’s honours, therefore Liverpool = superior.


  6. You’ll soon go and crawl back into your hole. You’ll see.

    February isn’t it? The month where you crash out of all the competitions you are in?

    Oh how i hope it’s earlier so it shuts up cunts like you who know nothing about their own club let alone other clubs.

  7. I watched the final, I know exactly what happened. My memory isn’t perfect, neither is your’s, so excuse me for that.
    Arsenal and Man Utd ALWAYS play less experienced youngsters in Carling Cup, never the regular first 11. I can’t speak for Chelshit, they’ve been terrible, just like Liverpool, and Man City does everything to win every throphy and their bench is just as good as the first 11.
    My point in this all is just that you only brag about your history because right now your team sucks.

  8. Because you make claims that aren’t even true, you clearly don’t follow football well enough to know what you’re talking about. Pretty fucking simple, even for someone like you.

    Chelsea or Man City never played their reserves against Liverpool in the cup. Stop making excuses. Liverpool are the most successful team in England. Stop crying and get over it.

  9. “Not a real football fan”?? And who decides the norms and rules about who should and who shouldn’t be considered as a football fan? I can tell you and your team to go fuck yourselves whenever I want, in the end, what does my words matter? Liverpool are still 8:th!
    Haha, congratz on your little throphy 😀 I forgot that someone actually won it (sorry about that), a cup where all big teams play with their reserves, except for Livepool of course…

  10. Real football fans care about their clubs history you absolute MONG. What a plastic fan you are, not just of your own team, but of football as a whole. Liverpool ARE in the europa league next season through winning the league cup. ONCE AGAIN, you need to gets your FACTS straight, you have no idea what you are talking about! Not a real football fan at all!

    Yes, it is quite ”fucking shit”. We have been awful in the league. But then again, we actually won a trophy.

  11. Who the fuck cares about the history? Right now Liverpool is 8:th which is quite fucking shit if you ask me. No Europe for you guys, not even Europa league. How does it feel to get beaten by Everton? Sure feels good.

  12. Liver aren’t shit they’ve just had a terrible season least we won carling cup and fa cup finalists unlike arsenal

  13. I wonder where fans like you were when arsenal were shite early in the season?

  14. Liverpool are shit Kenny daglish shouldn’t even be a manager I’d rather support tottenham than have racist shit Suarez on my team

  15. Liverpool are shit? I agree, this season we have been absolutely torrid. But even so, at the end of what has been an a shockingly bad season for us, we have a trophy. We also made it to the FA cup final and proved last night we could have done so much better. What do arsenal have to show for their season, in which a lot of the time, RVP has been your only hope?

  16. LIVERPOOL ARE SHIT FACE IT. Arsenal have won the premier league you havent. The premier league is the hardest league in the world. Liverpool spent 30m on a fucking gordie that has scored 4 goals in 33 games for liverpool. And ur all complaining “we lost lucas thats why we are so shit” Kenny should have put that 150m to use and bought a good midfielder instead of crapy shelvey who can’t even kick a ball propely.

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