25 thoughts on “Robin van Persie – PFA Players’ Player of the Year 2011-12

  1. i like van pursie…………..wayne rooney is good player but van pursie is clinical finisher he dont miss his shots……and also experienced player.

  2. Man what a great player he is, Not being gay n dat but he is really good looking aswell imo.

  3. يستاهل فان بيرسي ..

    نجم مميز ومحافظ على مستواه رغم الاصابات

  4. He is very humble, now they always say Messi is the same. Humble and kind. But Messi has always been this way, as a child he was the same person he is today. He didn’t change his attitude and he didn’t had to change it. van Persie on the other hand, had to change his way of thinking and he had to change his personality to got where he is today. That makes it harder so i appreciate him even more for it. From being send away at Feyenoord for being difficult to handle, to being a leader at Arsenal!

  5. at last, his genius is being recognized by awards. Now the club prices have yet to come, but i’m sure they will. Either if he says at Arsenal or if he continues his career somewhere else

  6. Look at all these tarty clubs that want him now… Hmmm!! Changed your tune now about RvP bitches. XD

  7. i knew from the 1st moment he played for us that he wud be a gr8 players. and now he is. he was just unlucky that he had many injuries.had he not been injured previous seasons he would have been among the best like messi, ronaldo. arsenal would have won titiles..we are glad that he was injury free this season and long may it continue..arsenal need to keep hold of him.and vanpersie also shud show some loyalty after all we looked after him during his long injury years…

  8. Arsenal is a massive club.. We will do everything in our power to keep RvP. Arsenal and Wenger, always had faith in him and he is a world class player, that he is today because of the two. We signing Podolski, looks like M’vila too. RvP is getting a bucket loads of money also, so why would he go? And fuck you negative fairy cunts out there. You know who you are.. Some of you argued and said RvP was too injury prone and never world class a few years back… Look at all these tart clubs that wa

  9. hes getting megabucks from wenger, cos he knows man city will break the bank for him

  10. He scores when he wants, he scores when he waaaaaaaaaaaantsss, Robin Van persie he scores whe he wantsssssssssssssssssssssss

  11. Robin we love u,, my galfren love u too,, wat can i say bout it,,, hahaha

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