25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry – A history about legend ” Tribute

  1. probebley the greatest player to ever play in the premier league, the premier league miss him.

  2. This is BEST Henry tribute i´ve seen…Once a Gunner,always a Gunner… Thierry Henry,the best player who world has ever seen

  3. What can i say… I’m full of emotions and tears right now…
    Thierry i grew up with you and until i die i will still remember you as the ultimate legend i’ve ever seen.

  4. 376 apps 229 goals 2 fa cups 3 premier leagues thierry henry <3

  5. just incredible, but tbh, any video that has hoppipolla in it is bound to be! 🙂

  6. there won’t be any goals of such class Thierry did anymore..
    he was trying from every place possible, regardless to range or angle to the goal..
    sheer class !

    I’m true Arsenal fan and I would love to see him back to Arsenal and let his career end in the club that he belongs to and where his home is and that club is Arsenal FC!

    The greatest of all Thierry Henry, thanks for the beautifull moments!

  7. this video just made me cry, the best player ever, thierry henry, once a gooner always a gooner!

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