Lucas Torreira is reportedly feeling unsettled at the club. There are reports from some quarters that he might consider offers in the winter window. The petite South American came in on a good note but his form and relevance has since dropped.

With him struggling to get appearances this term, and with the way things are going in North London, Torreira is open to offers as some Italian sides are keen on his signature.

AC Milan are particularly leading the chase for Torreira, and even approached his agent during the last window but the notion was shut down. Now the player is more willing to listen to offers.

After 15 games, Torreira has scored twice but he is desperate to start more games, having started only four. With Arsenal struggling to hold a Top Four spot – they are currently sixth on the log – there are lesser incentive to remain. The club might need to cleanse or rejig at least as several issues limiting the club come to bare.

AC Milan are struggling as well but at least he would feel wanted, regularly start games and continue building his budding career. If any of the other big boys in the Serie A come calling, it would help him decide faster. Except he plans to impress at Milan first then seek the top dogs.

The Arsenal midfield would likely be rejiggedespecially as former skipper Granit Xhaka might be on his way out soon. There are already links including a loan deal to Newcastle in January. The feeling of betrayal from his under-fire manager Unai Emery makes the situation worse. Losing games and further losing the confidence of the fans and management makes the whole Arsenal situation a bit messy. Torreira would think long and hard.